Effective risk management is integral to the health and success of your business. Servmax empowers businesses to
mitigate risk by making it simple to identify potential performance issues before problems occur. Our comprehensive
software makes it possible to manage and analyze a wide range of data streams under one, easy-to-use interface.

 Simple Onboarding Process

Servmax allows for simple digital enrollment for both contractors and subcontractors. Our enrollment management tool makes it possible to create a custom ecosystem of information systems, processes, and methodologies under one concise framework. Management teams are easily able to navigate enrollment management for complex business processes.

 Intuitive Digital Payroll Features

Streamline payroll processes by creating custom automations. Specify settings specific to contractors, or users and on a set schedule. Users are easily able to submit and approve payroll from one section to the other, saving time and money spent on recurring administrative tasks.

 Customizable Portals for Sponsors, Contractors & Subcontractors

Customize user portals to show the information relevant to each specific user. Add or remove various data fields and grant different levels of user permissions specific to each user’s role. Users are also able to add and share spreadsheets from other systems directly into their user portal. Our patented paperless document completion system makes it possible to distribute sensitive materials to select parties for signatures and other collaboration securely and without the need for password protection.

 Collaborative Reporting

Powerful reporting tools allow users to create flexible, custom reports using real-time data. Create comprehensive, easy-to-read reports that allow management teams to track project performance, analyze data trends, and mitigate risk factors. Reports allow users to create actionable data to minimize risk and increase the success of project management and improve team performance.

 Track Key Performance Indicators

Manage processes, procedures and delegate responsibilities to continually improve project efficiency. Data tracking allows users to constantly adjust and pivot for improvements. Identifying Key Risk/Performance Indicators (KPI’s) is imperative managing project performance. Our software allows management teams to identify and track critical KPI’s in a measurable way to quickly implement changes, ultimately improving their bottom line.

In summary, the Servmax KPI Management Solution allows users to:

 - Identify and track Key Risk/Performance Indicators tailored specifically to their business.
 - Consolidate risk and safety systems from external systems into one, concise platform.
 - Create powerful reports to track performance levels by individual, project, and branch.
 - Identify problem areas before problems or losses occur.
 - Quickly pivot and make changes to improve performance and increase profits.

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