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At Servmax, we work with our clients to create custom incident prevention programs
to minimize the number of incidents leading to a claim.

 Incident Reporting

Our incident reporting system is effective, not only in managing claims, but in preventing incidents before they occur. We weigh a wide range of key risk factors to identify and rectify potential safety concerns. Further, by auditing data pertaining to past claims, we are able to predict the probability of future incidents and present recommendations to improve systems performance and safety.

 Claims Management

In the event of an incident, Servmax ensures that all claims are handled with the utmost care. With all critical information housed under one comprehensive database, clients are able to streamline the filing process and follow the progress of a claim throughout its lifecycle.

 Insurance Certificate Management

Our system allows for the effective management of collecting and tracking certificates of insurance. Project stakeholders have the ability to automate all communications pertaining to certificate filing and renewals.”

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