Our highly customizable product interface allows users to set up their database specifically for their unique needs.
All critical information and processes are contained in one secure, easy-to-view interface.

User Interface

With Database Builder users can structure data feeds in a way that best suits their unique company needs. Streamlining data brings critical information the forefront of user’s dashboard, giving them instant access important performance metrics. Within their custom database, users are also able to:

 - Create custom forms
 - Upload and sort data from other systems
 - Digitally store forms and other documents in a single space.
 - Identify and track Key Risk/Performance Indicators.
 - Mine data to identify and mitigate risk factors.
 - Monitor project risk performance as a whole.

Powerful Data Management
with EZ Reports

Sorting through endless streams of data can be extremely challenging for businesses. Our EZ Reports solution allow users to create custom, powerful reports to effectively isolate actionable data:

 - Combine data streams into custom reports.
 - Use comprehensive ‘Drill Down’ function to analyze single datapoints
 - Analyze performance by using benchmark and Pareto approach.
 - Make all reports available using real-time data.
 - Pre-schedule customs reports to run and distribute to select users.

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