Safety Observation Report

Our business is to take the risk out of risk management

Who We Are?

We help companies track, assess and resolve risks so that they can lower the rate of negative events and concentrate on excelling in their core business.

What We Can?

Servmax offers software solutions that link long-term vision, strategy, and goals to the specific short-term tactics, measures, and actions that drive your company-wide team performance.

Our Software Solutions help manage Risks and prevent Incidents,
so Your Business and Employees can thrive

Database Builder

Database Builder allows our clients to capture and organize the important data they rely on into an easily-navigable database.

Report Builder

Report Builder allows our clients to build powerful, easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that highlight key performance indicators.


Instantly Improve Efficiency!

Simple to Use Intuitive navigation, Adjust and Customize Your Apps, Configure Your Apps or Build Your Own, Flexible Enhanced Search Capability, Integrate, Import Export Your Data, Enhanced Security

Collaborate and Improve!

Interactive Reporting, Performance Management, Enhanced Communication

Industries we support


Construction  Insurance  Outsourcing


Bio Tech  High Tech  Consulting